A one hour drama/comedy for USA TV

In the Banquets department of the famed Excelsior Hotel in Los Angeles, every lavish special event has to be perfect—and every one is a disaster waiting to happen. Can the squabbling, scheming staffers pull together to give their wealthy guests the flawless festivities they demand?


A one hour drama for USA TV.

An unexpected death in their social circle threatens a wealthy couple’s seemingly perfect life, as they and their friends discover that the only thing more dangerous than a lie is the truth.

American British Confused Desis (ABCD)

A web series for the digital medium in the USA and India.

When Simran, an Indian-American struggling singer, runs into Nikhil, a gay British Indian struggling actor at a temple, she turns down his request to be her roomie, but soon realizes she may need him more than he needs her, as they lean on each other through the craziness and pursuit, of their dreams in the city of angels.

Naïve Rejected Indian (NRI)

A web series for the digital medium in India

Nikhil, a gay British Indian actor, is a new transplant in Mumbai with the aspiration to make it as a Bollywood actor. His long time friend, Simran, has been living in Mumbai for the last few years trying to break in as a singer – an NRI from the USA herself. She slowly and surely starts to fill him in on the real going ons in the city everyone comes to make it as a star.


An independent feature featuring LGBTQ actors, for the USA market.

Reichen and Sameer are poles apart when it comes to dating, yet they both realize that they have an intimate connection, and vow to spend the rest of their lives together. An unexpected tradegy pulls them apart, and tests their relationship as they attempt to pull through, but drift even further away.


An independent feature featuring South Asian actors, for the USA and Indian markets.

Meghna is a high powered immigration attorney who has questionable associations with immigrants Arjun and the mute Vikram. Recent interest from FBI officer Ashok, and his team, slowly will expose who Meghna really is, and the destruction she wants to achieve.


An independent feature featuring South Asian actors, for the USA and India markets

Sophia is the reigning South Asian queen of Hollywood, but personally her demons and insecurities are sending her through a downward spiral, making her non existent and losing her once established team. Anjali and Gia are new actresses on the scene, and while Gia knows what it takes to make it big and has a plan to get there, Anjali slowly discovers that the industry that she thought used to light up her world, is now rapidly darkening it.